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Here’s what’s great about today: I found out from Educating Alice that dwarves in Sweden have been hiding inside of suitcases in order to steal from tourists.  Eoin Colfer’s referenced as a . . . what?  An authority on fictional criminal dwarves?  The hey?

Also, I discovered that there is such a thing in the world as Gummi Lights:


Thanks to Children’s Illustration for that.

But here’s what’s bad about today: I discovered the horrid collection of recipes that the Girl Scouts of America created to use with their cookies.  You know, I’ve no problems with such things as the Thin Mint Brownies or the Tagalongs Shake (although why anyone would want to consume Thin Mints in any fashion other than scarfing them from the box as fast as possible eludes me).  But “Do-Si-Do Peanut Thai Chicken” and “Samoas Sweet Potatoes” — that’s where I draw the line.

Actually, I drew the line way, way behind the sweet potatoes.  Shudder.

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