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I must say that I’m impressed with myself for making this series of shopping posts and actual series. A series of, um, two so far, but still.

The latest goodie I’ve found comes from, of all places the Hanna Andersson website (or as I call it, “the Land’s End/IKEA crossbreed!”). But she’s soooo cute:


Note the patch on the mismatched sock. Love it, baby — although I think she would be perfect with tiny Pippi accessories, like strap-on scrubbing brushes for her feet, or a few dozen coffee mugs. A not-too bad bargain for only $18. Mmmm, makes me want to park a horse on my front porch and hide things in tree trunks for the kids next door.

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There are Christmas carols emanating from every pore of every shop in my town. Ordinarily this would make me cranky, but this year I have to do 99% of my holiday shopping online. So it’s time to get crackin’.

For those of you who are in the same basket, I offer some Hot Hints for finding goodies for the kidlit-oriented peeps in your life. My rules for the ideal kidlit gift is that it must be 1. Pretty, and 2. Cheap. Which brings us to this goodness:


It’s the tortoise and the hare! And a whole bunch of what appear to be Starlight Mints with little flags on them! And the hare is wearing a ‘DO RAG! How much better can it get?

This was created by Tara Hogan, who sells her wares through a Etsy site called Ink & Wit. She’s got a whole series prints based on Aesop fables, and a 5″x7″ print (on 8.5″x11″ paper) will run you about $35. There’s some rather attractive stationery as well.

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