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Back at Long Last!

I’m back from the improbably exhausting road trip! I will briefly summarize the trip by listing the Foods of New England which we sampled:

  • Deep fried whole clams: it’s like taking delicious and covering it in awesome
  • Clam pizza: Not what you think; it’s full of cheesy garlicky goodness
  • White Birch Beer: it tastes like liquid Necco wafers
  • “Sweet Cream” flavored ice cream: tastes like brown butter frosting
  • “Mystic Lighthouse Mint” ice cream: has tiny mint-filled chocolates in the shape of lighthouses, and you can pretend to be Godzilla while you eat them

We also paid multiple visits to the Danish Pastry House in Watertown, MA. They have frogs made of marzipan and mocha-filled chocolate cakes drenched in ganache. ‘Nuff said.

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