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organized.jpgSee that? Up there on the top of the right hand column!

That’s right — I’ve decided to keep a small compendium of my favorite snippets of info gleaned from the kidlitosphere from the past few days. Doesn’t it look all lovely, streamlined, and alphabetized?  (Just like those numerical binders!)

Alas, figuring out how to make that thing ate up my alloted blogging time for the day. And . . . someone has stolen my copy of The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin off my desk, so I can’t write about it tonight as planned. Is someone sabotaging my blog? Or do I just need to clean my desk off more often?

(Don’t answer that.)

In Other News, I feel it would be remiss unless I mention the main reason why my work on this blog has been shortened to weekends only: I’ve started a second blog about my family. I’m just figuring that, thirty years from now, I’ll be happier that I spent more time recording The Tale of Eleanor vs. The Blue Marker, or The Tale of the Embalming of My Glasses, or The Tale of the Lamest Game of Charades Ever than, say, my thoughts on How the Hangman Lost His Heart (and, for the record — it’s pretty swell).

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